Every 2 seconds someone dies from — cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disorders are the leading causes of death worldwide. The WHO estimates that roughly 18 million lives are claimed each year, which takes up about 31% of all deaths.*

* Source: WHO
Cardiovascular Diseases



We believe in data-based preventative health care

We are committed to practice preventative medicine, as the early detection of risks, pathological lesions, and diseases can save lives and help to free up resources in healthcare systems. Withe the help of innovative products and services, we seek to reduce the cost of healthcare while improving the quality of care.


A Hungarian invention

a revolutionization of remote patient monitoring with the help of Big Data analytics

Throughout several years of reasearch and development we have developed a pulse wave algorhythm – based on medical literature – that automatically analyses two-minute incoming measurements. We have also developed a user-friendly software framework (smartphone applications, web-based medical interfaces, cloud-based evaluation, and a database) to make sure this innovation is ready and available for the use of general public. This allows patients to be able to track their cardiovascular statuses with the convenience of staying home while measuring.


Why is this good?

Our technology allows physicians to recognize onset cardiovascular diseases at an early stage, as well as to monitor any changes in patients’ conditions who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. The system – with the help of Big Data analysis – offers an exceptional tool for tracking progress of applied therapies and their cardiovascular effects; opening new doors to the new reasearch of:

  • gestational diseases
  • cardiovascular surgery
  • elderly care
  • home monitoring of COVID-19 patients



PregnaScan is a telemedicine system that allows patients to take measurements at their homes.


It is a unique version of SCN4ALL specifically designed for the challenges caused by the pandemic.


Scan For All is a complex monitoring system designed to monitor and analyse an individual's health condition remotely even from far away.


E-Med4All has developed unique and innovative telemedicine systems, serving/ focusing on unmet needs of three specific fields.
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    1. Hardware

    Patients regularly do 2 minutes measurements with a Bluetooth pulseoximeter.

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    2. Mobil app (program)

    Their mobile app captures and sends the measurement.

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    3. Algorythmic analysis center

    The Engine processes the data and sends to doctor, patient.

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    4. MD website

    Doctors get individual and trend data and comparisons.

E-Med4All - important numbers

Dedicated team members
Measurements done
Registered pulse oximeters
Experience in research and development:



Projections: 2024

Growth: Aim to reach 300,000 measurements in our pulsewave database, doubling our data from the previous years, further refining our analytics and enhancing system validation. 

Expansion: Aim to extend HeartReader’s reach, targeting a wider range of wellness and health sectors both within the US and globally, including sectors like pregnancy care, chronic disease management and elderly care.

   New Ventures: Plan to initiate new collaborative projects with additional respected academic institutions and healthcare organizations to solidify our reputation in scientific research and patient care.

Innovation: Aim to integrate advanced AI technology into HeartReader and SCN4ALL systems for improved data analysis and personalized patient care. 

Recognition: Strive to earn recognition as a leader in telemedicine and cardiac health monitoring, targeting significant healthcare awards and listings.

Goals for the rest of 2023:

Successfully raising funds for:

  • Large-scale data collection – in the form of advanced scientific studies with prestigious academic institutions
  • FDA approval
  • Entering the US market.



Key Milestones: Accumulated 150,000 measurements (approx. 21,000,000 heartbeats) in our pulsewave database, revealing promising correlations and laying the foundation for system validation with real-world data. 

Expansion: Continued our collaborative district nurse project with over 17,000 measurements from 1400+ participants. 

Training: Successfully implemented HeartReader training programs across the US and Europe. 


Product Launch: Released HeartReader, an innovative app designed for use in non-medical environments, followed by its first training session for naturopaths and other non-medical therapists in the US. 

Business Expansion: Established InnoRPM LLC (GA, USA) to support US operations, achieving initial revenue from HeartReader.

Spinoff: Launched Fit4All, an athletic performance optimization company, in partnership with our lead investor.

Recognition: Proudly recognized as a “Research and Innovation Capacity” best practice in the European Union’s Interreg Program.

International Collaboration: Initiated scientific partnerships with esteemed doctors and researchers from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.


Events: Showcased our SCN4ALL system at the inauguration of the Cardio-Oncology Program of Semmelweis University.

Pilot Project: Partnered with the Professional Association of Hungarian District Nurses, training 25 midwives to use the SCN4ALL telemedicine system. Over 6,000 measurements conducted in predominantly rural districts, monitoring pregnant women and their families.

Awards & Recognitions: PregnaScan is listed among Top10 European TeleHealth providers by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine. E-Med4All bagged Novartis Startup Competition win at Digital Health Summit (Hungary) and was named among the Top 52 Hungarian info-communication companies by IT Business Magazine. 

Science and Innovation: Awarded the Innovation Main Prize for the most innovative presentation at the Medical PhD Conference of Hungary. Second peer reviewed publication about the reliability of the Heart Rate Variability module of SCN4ALL.


Collaborations: Joined VascAgeNet scientific network to work with leading vascular ageing researchers. The collaboration resulted in a review article, “Assessing hemodynamics from the photoplethysmogram to gain insights into vascular age: a review from VascAgeNet (2022)“.

Governmental recognition: The company achieved another milestone, earning approval from the Special Operations Task Force of Hungary (Operatív Törzs), which resulted in the delivery of 180 SCN4ALL smart pulse oximeter systems to primary care practices for home patient monitoring.

Scientific milestone: First original peer reviewed article was also published about the repeatability and reliability of the SCN4ALL measurements



Investment: Secured a €500,000 investment from PL Invest BV at a pre-money valuation of €5 million.

Achievements: Graduated from Design Terminal Incubator program and won the Most Improved Startup award.

Partnerships: Joined Vodafone’s social responsibility project for the PregnaScan multicenter pilot in collaboration with the District Nurses’s Association, the professionals taking care of pregnant women and families.



Product Launch: Launched PregnaScan, an application to monitor cardiovascular adaptation during pregnancies. 

Growth: Grew the team to 5 members.

Founding: Founded E-Med4All Europe Ltd.

Investment: Received €50,000 investment from an angel investor.



Product Development: E-Med4U application – MVP is ready


R&D: Developed a prototype with a dedicated team of 3.


Beginnings: Conducted thorough background research and wrote a thesis at Semmelweis University.


Our Team

A doctor (Sándor) and an engineer (Balázs), two friends and former business associates with the involvement of a third doctor (Dániel), had a dream of a telemedicine system based on pulse-wave analysis in 2015. They founded a company in 2018, and incorporated all existing imrpovements there were by then.

This is how E-Med4All Europe Kft. got on the path of continuous development, the rest is history…

In addition to our technology, our team is our greatest “capital” and strength. We believe in one another, we believe that together we will achieve our goals!


Sándor Kulin, MD



Dániel Kulin, MD

COO, Head of research, doctor


Péter Kulin

Responsible for Quality Management System, Product Development Support, Logistics


Boglárka Barcza

Administrative Assistant


Flóra Antali, MD

PhD student, Research Associate


Zsuzsanna Miklós, MD

Scientific Consultant


Sandor Kulin, JR

IT development, solution