What is SFTY4ALL?

It is a unique version of SCN4ALL specifically designed for the challenges caused by the pandemic. It makes remote monitoring possible for voulnerable memebrs of the population, and helps with the detection of possible deterioration by tracking more than 30 medical parameters only with a 2-minute daily measurement.

Who is it recommended to?

The SFTY4ALL system is recommended primarily to people in high risk. It is expected that a significant part of the population gets infected during COVID-19 pandemic. It is also hard to predict in advance what kind, and how serious symptoms would each individual develop. This is especially true for vulnerable people staying in nursing homes or the worried ones who stay at their homes in quarantine. For caregivers, using a telemedicine system that does not require the assistance of medical staff can be extremely helpful especially when using it remotely. Meanwhile, it can also help patietns – fighting with illnesses – that they are taken care of remotely.

What is it good for?

The SCN4ALL system may provide the detection of possible deterioration of health conditions related to COVID-19 (and other lower resperatory tract infections) by 2-minute measurements per day (could be repeated as many times as preffered). Since experiencing low oxygen levels is one of the most typical symptoms of pneumonia caused by a viral infection, the system can show if these is any significant lung involvement happening. Furthermore, ‘silent hypoxia’ – which means the asymptomic decrease of oxygen levels and is also a common phenomenom of COVID-19 – can be easily detected by using E-Med4All telemedicine system.

The SFTY4ALL telemedicine system developed for pandemic times is also designed to manage multi-user’s mass data – like in nursing homes or patients at home quarantine – therefore, it can help to highlight the most vulnerable individuals from the crowd ahead of time.

The system involves:

  • a smart pulseoximeter (a special measuring device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth)
  • smartphone and the SFTY4LL app (Android or iOS)
  • cloud, where data is being uploaded
  • evaluation site

All of this is available from a comfortable environment – your home – and you doctor can see your results right after you take a measurement.

What can I gain if I use SFTY4ALL at my institue?

  • Safety The system monitors the health conditions of the most vulnerable users, so the head of institution constantly receives information about the health condition of each member of the group, and is able to take action if deterioration occurs.
  • Time The application of the system does not require medical staff, the measurement only takes 2 minutes per user per day.
  • Life The virus situation can be dangerous for the members at high risk, therefore, monitoring their health condition and detecting any deterioration ahead of time are crucial and extremely important.