Our Team

E-Med4All Europe Kft.

We are a Hungarian startup working on medical diagnostics

Using innovative cardiovascular telemedicine solutions.

Our goal is to shift the focus from the treatment of illnesses to illness prevention, and stay focused on a health centered approach. We want to make a difference, so that personalized, and preventative medicine can be the main focus.

We consider it our mission to support the medical decision making system – with the help of remote diagnostic data – to improve the quality of life in a cost-effective way for users and their employers. We believe in the practice of evidence-based medicine. With our innovative products and services we want to be able to reduce healthcare costs while improving the quality of care.

A doctor (Sándor) and an engineer (Balázs), two friends and former business associates with the involvement of a third doctor (Dániel), had a dream of a telemedicine system based on pulse-wave analysis in 2015. They founded a company in 2018, and incorporated all existing improvements there were by then.

This is how E-Med4All Europe Kft. got on the path of continuous development, the rest is history…

In addition to our technology, our team is our greatest “capital” and strength. We believe in one another, we believe that together we will achieve our goals!


Dr. Kulin Sándor

Project leader, medical supervisor and strategist. Sándor has almost 20 year of experience with non-invasive monitoring and diagnostic methods. His experience and leadership is a solid base for our work.


Dr. Kulin Dániel

COO, Head of research, doctor
Graduated from Semmelweis University in 2016 as a general practitioner.

Since the establishment of E-Med4All Europe Kft., he has been the head of medical research and development, and also a member of the management team. Other than these, his favorite tasks include product development, communication, marketing and team building. He enjoys creating value from scratch in his day-to-day work that can support people’s health and health care.

Since September 2020, he has been pursuing PhD studies at the Institute of Translational Medicine at Semmelweis University, under the supervision of Dr. Zsuzsanna Miklós, associate professor.


Flóra Antali, MD

PhD student, Research Associate

Graduated as a doctor in 2019 and is currently a PhD student at Semmelweis University. She assists the team as a meidcal researcher. Her responsibilities include writing research plans, conducting research, analyzing data, and contributing to scientific publications. Her point of view is that prevention and early detection are paramount in medicine, which inspires her daily work.


Péter Kulin

Responsible for Quality Management System, Product Development Support, Logistics
More than 25 years of experience in managing technical, production, logistics processes and managing organizations.


Boglárka Barcza

Administrative Assistant

I graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in English. I have been working with the E-Med4All team for about two years now, and throughout this time I have had the opportunity to have a full range of positive experiences while performing a wide variety of tasks.


Zsuzsanna Miklós, MD

Scientific Consultant

I am an associate professor at the Institute of Translational Medicine at Semmelweis University. More than 20 years ago now, as a newly graduated doctor, I have decided to choose a research career. As a physiology teacher, I carry out basic research related to the physiology and pathophysiology of cardiovascular functions, and I strive to establish the theoretical knowledge of the doctors and pharmacists of the future.

In 2017, I completed a training course organized by Harvard Medical School that allowed me to delve into the mysteries of clinical research. This has inspired me to expand my interests with new areas that allow me to combine my basic research experience with clinical orientation. This is how I got in contact with the E-Med4All team, one of whose basic goal is to support their medical technology development activities and their health mission far beyond that with demanding research. I support the team with my best knowledge as a consultant to reach this goal.


Sandor Kulin, Jr.

IT – development, solutions

I joined the team in 2022.