What is PregnaScan?

PregnaScan is a telemedicine system that allows patients to take measurements at their homes. Taking advantage of opportunities given by the 21st century can helpf pregnant women to stay comftably at home and practice high levels of safety.

PregnaScan is a Hungarian invention – it is novelty for all countries in the world!

Pregnant moms, prior to their 30th week of their pregnancy, and…

  • those who are expecting their first baby, therefore, who experience pregnancy for the first time and are new to things during this period, who may be afraid of the unknown, and would like to have a higher level of security during these 9 months
  • who are in high risk of some sort of pregnancy related illnesses – which they may be concerned about, and would like to be updated on how their health evolves exactly
  • who have experienced some sort of discrepancy during an earlier prenancy (especially on maternal side), and now would like to have the chance to more closely obresve how their bodies change during these 9 months.

PregnaScan is developed to measure and record the following parameters:

  • Pulse
  • SpO2
  • Pulse wave analysis
  • Heart rate frequency variability analysis
  • Blood pressure diary
  • Weight diary
  • Event diary

You can now do all this from your couch – and your doctor can still view your results right away.

The system consists of:

  • a smart pulseoximeter (a special measuring device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth)
  • smartphone and the Pregnascan app (Android or iOS)
  • cloud, where data is being uploaded
  • evaluation site

What can I gain if I use PregnaScan throughout my pregnancy on a regular basis?

  • Information – since both you and your doctor would be able to access parameters of your health measurements that you have not seen before.
  • Time – since abnormal changes can be screened early by regular measurements – giving the time to more efficient prevention.
  • Life – since the one who gains time, gains life as well (especially in case of early detection of a serious illness).


In these videos, Sándor Kulin, MD presents the process of evaluation of PregnaScan, as well as we have some of our moral supporters speak about the event presenting the PregnaScan concept.