What is SCN4ALL?

Scan For All is a complex monitoring system designed to monitor and analyse an individual’s health condition remotely even from far away.

Who do we recommend it to?

SCN4ALL general health condition service is recommended fore everyone regarless of age and/ or health condition.

More poeple experience a lack of attention during a traditional doctor’s visit.

The health care system has been in critical condition for years and its load capacity is constantly getting worse. When doctors only have time for 5-10 minute visits about 1-2 times a year for patients with chronic diseases, a question arises whether or not they have the appropriate time and circumstances to make well thought diagnostic decisions.

Preventive, data-based treatment – we could warn you even before getting ill

We are committed to practice preventative medicine, as the early detection of risks, pathological lesions, and diseases can save lives and help to free up resources in healthcare systems. Withe the help of innovative products and services, we seek to reduce the cost of healthcare while improving the quality of care.

What is it good for?

Limited parameters while running atest can make it difficult to make an accurate diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatments.
Currently, the most common way to monitor patients with hypertension is by measuring blood pressure on the upper arm. Significant results may be seen when using this method, however, this definitely does not show the whole picture of a heart’s cardiovasular functions. Treating patients this way could be like if a pilot was told to fly an aircraft and he/ she is only given irregular altitude and velocity data.

Pulsewave-analysis: Monitoring cardiovascular function based on more than 30 parameters.
Our research has shown that by the precize monitoring of heart functions, many signs and risks of diseases can be screened. The heart reacts to everything and it gives the whole picture of one’s overall health condition. After studying and systemtizing relevan medical literature, we now have the algorhythms to develop a new pulse-wave analysis sytem combined with a telemedicine system; something that has not been commonly used in medial practices. This allows us to track more than 30 parameters – wiht a simple 2-minute measurement each day – which includes blood vessel condition, vascular elasticity, or the dynamic functions of the heart helps in advance with facilitating risk assesment, therapy, and well as diagnostics.

The system involves:

  • a smart pulseoximeter (a special measuring device that connects to your phone via Bluetooth)
  • smartphone and the SCN4ALL app (Android or iOS)
  • cloud, where data is being uploaded
  • evaluation site

All of this is available from a comfortable environment – your home – and you doctor can see your results right after you take a measurement.

What can I gain by using SCN4ALL?

  • Accurate medical information – abnormal changes can be screened early by regular measurements which is helps in chronic illness prevention.
  • Early detection of illnesses – a rendszeres mérésekkel időben kirajzolódhatnak kóros folyamatok, amelyeket kezelve megelőzhetőek a súlyosabb megbetegedések.
  • Efficient treatment – By using more than 30 medical parameters it is possible to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment itself, thus your doctor can constantly keep up with your process and even modify the treatment if necessary.